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Our firm handles all types of federal tax disputes. We represent individuals, business owners and businesses of all kinds in high-stakes civil and criminal tax disputes.

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Turn To Us When The Stakes Are High

When it comes to tax law, the team at Moore Tax Law Group, LLC, understands just how high the stakes may be for you or your business. Clients throughout Chicago, New York and across the United States turn to us because of our extensive experience and nationally recognized reputation as leaders in the field. We are not afraid to take on complex tax issues and resolve conflicts with the IRS. We believe our success comes from our guiding principles of thinking creatively, listening to our clients and advocating for a tailored solution for each client.

Our attorneys all have many years of experience in the field of tax law. They have received many awards, authored articles, taught classes and been invited to speak on many occasions. When you need tax advice you can rely on, contact Moore Tax Law Group, LLC.

Powerful Tax Advocates On Your Side

Different tax situations call for different types of tax advocacy, and at Moore Tax Law Group, LLC, we know when and whether to draw each weapon from our arsenal. Whether we are persuading a revenue agent to take a favorable position on an audit, negotiating with an appeals officer, cross-examining a witness at trial, drafting briefs or arguing to a three judge panel on appeal, we have the experience and the skills to advocate effectively in a way that is tailored to the audience.

We do not use autopilot to set or to follow a typical course. We employ our experience and creativity to develop a strategy that is most likely to achieve your unique goals. We think before we act, and then we think again and again throughout the handling of a tax matter to make sure that we are following the best course for you. When we hit a roadblock, we analyze all the different ways to go over it, under it or around it instead of simply continuing to drive into it.

We Listen To Your Goals

Your priorities are our priorities. We want to understand you so that we can deliver what matters most to you. Some people value speedy resolution to tax issues even if that requires significant compromise, while others desire absolute victory at any cost. Most people fall somewhere in between. Some people tolerate risk well, while others feel tortured by it. For many, the immediate tax conflict we are handling is part of a much bigger picture that we need to understand in order to give meaningful guidance. Our first priority is to listen and learn what matters to you so that we can tailor our strategy to achieve your unique goals.