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Our firm handles all types of federal tax disputes. We represent individuals, business owners and businesses of all kinds in high-stakes civil and criminal tax disputes.

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The tax system in the United States is based on self-reporting. Taxpayers are expected to calculate and self-report the correct amount of tax due. When a dispute arises between the IRS and the Taxpayer regarding whether the taxpayer correctly calculated that tax, we stand ready to help. Taxpayers deserve excellent representation, they deserve to be treated fairly, and they deserve to have the law correctly applied to the facts of their case. This is true whether the case is criminal or civil.

Each case brings a new section of the Internal Revenue Code. But the procedural rules in place to protect taxpayers are the same in every case. We know the rules. We work tirelessly to make sure that the IRS follows them in civil cases. We will fight and file motions to ensure rights are preserved in criminal cases. Our entire system of tax administration – civil and criminal – is more fair and just for everyone when those in power are held accountable to the rules and taxpayer rights are protected. No matter whether the client is civil or criminal, paying or pro bono: we will fight for taxpayer rights and fair administration of the tax laws.

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