Tax Advocacy Tailored To You

Experience And Strategy For Civil Tax Litigation

Once the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determines you owe taxes, it is no small task to change their mind. The burden is on you, the taxpayer, to prove them wrong. You need an advocate who is highly versed in U.S. tax law and knows how to prepare and execute a game plan in the tax courts.

Moore Tax Law Group, LLC, has extensive experience in high-stakes civil tax litigation, representing individuals and businesses throughout Illinois and worldwide with U.S. tax matters, including unique or special circumstances. Our attorneys regularly represent clients in U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Court, and we have pursued cases at the U.S. Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Sophisticated Representation In Tax Controversies

Tax disputes are a chess game. You must understand where you are trying to end up in order to apply the correct strategies at the beginning of the case. Our legal team represents taxpayers through the entire continuum, from audit and administrative appeals through Tax Court and post-trial advocacy.

Principal attorney Guinevere Moore has devoted her career to tax litigation. As a veteran of countless trials and as chair of the American Bar Association’s Standards of Tax Practices Committee, she has built strong working relationships with the judges and IRS chief counsels. Few attorneys have her breadth of experience and reputation for both professional integrity and results.

Pretrial Resolution And Courtroom Advocacy

Many tax disputes can be resolved out of court. We routinely intervene with IRS examiners and IRS attorneys to negotiate reduced assessments, installment plans, offers in compromise, tax deferrals, abatement of penalties and interest, and other remedies to avoid litigation and move on.

However, sometimes the tax burden is too great or the IRS is simply wrong in its assessment of tax or application of the law. We have successfully litigated pre-assessment matters in U.S. Tax Court as well as disputes over tax refunds and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) in the U.S. District Courts. Our lawyers will give you their honest assessment of your position and the merits of pursuing a settlement or going to trial. We also assist clients when the IRS threatens criminal charges.

Tax Lawyers Who Go To Tax Court

Just as some injury lawyers always settle cases, some tax attorneys never go to trial. At Moore Tax Law Group, LLC, we do not shy away from Tax Court or federal court litigation when it is in our clients’ interests to fight back. Contact our Chicago-based law firm if you have received a Notice of Deficiency for taxes owed, if your tax refund claim has been stonewalled or if you are otherwise at odds with the IRS.

Call 312-549-9990 or contact us online. We welcome cases from U.S. taxpayers from anywhere in the world.