Speaking Events And Publications

Upcoming Speaking Events

  • Guinevere Moor is speaking and presenting on ‘Tax Controversies’ at NYU’s 79th Institute on Federal Taxation Monday, November 16, 2020. Register and Learn more here.

Recent Speaking Events

  • Guinevere Moore presented Preparing Witnesses to Testify and Current Law and Analysis at the American Bar Association 2018 Midyear Meeting in San Diego, CA, February 8 – 10, 2018.

Recent Publications

  • Guinevere Moore quoted in Bloomberg on October 30, 2020.  Read the article here.
  • Guinevere Moore is a regular tax contributor to the Forbes blog. Her posts cover a range of tax-related topics. To view her contributions, click here.
  • The Incompetent Authority: Questions and Answers co-authored by Guinevere Moore, ABA Tax Times, August 25, 2020. Read the article here.
  • Retroactive Notice 2017-10 Is Problematic by Guinevere M. Moore and Elizabeth Yablonicky, TAX NOTES FEDERAL, APRIL 6, 2020. Read the article here.
  • Is It Time for an Engagement Check-up? by Guinevere Moore, Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure, December 2019-January 2020. View here.
  • Virtual Currency Reality: The IRS Crack Down on Cryptocurrency.  Guinevere Moore examines the filing obligations for cryptocurrency holders, past IRS enforcement and IRS guidance, and next steps for IRS enforcement and cryptocurrency holders. To read the article in its entirety, click here
  • Information Return Penalties: How to avoid or contest them.  Guinevere Moore explores the vast Information Return Penalties the IRS has at its disposal and how taxpayers who are facing these penalties can avoid them or, if they are assessed, contest them. To read the article in its entirety, click here
  • Guinevere Moore Authors American Bar Association Section of Taxation Comment Letter on Phasing out of IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. Attorney Guinevere Moore was the primary author of a letter dated August 7, 2019, to Commissioner Chuck Rettig regarding phasing out of attorneys at the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. Read the article here.
  • IRS Fumble: What to Do When a Tax Assessment’s Validity is Questionable by Guinevere Moore, ABA Tax Times, June 14, 2019. Back-to-back opinions released by the United States Tax Court on May 20 and May 21 of 2019 serve as compelling reminders that what we learned in kindergarten is true: the same rules really do apply to everyone. When the IRS does not follow required procedures, the Tax Court will not hesitate to invalidate an assessment and find for the petitioner. To read the article in its entirety, click here.
  • Guinevere Moore published in the ABA Tax Times. Guinevere Moore co-authored an article in the ABA Tax Times about why wives whose husbands are accused of tax evasion should hire their own lawyers. Read the article here.
  • Reasonable-Reliance Defense and Work Product Protection by Guinevere Moore, ABA Tax Times, March 2018.  In Estate of Marion Levine v. Commissioner, Docket No. 13370-13, the United States Tax Court issued a designated Order that granted the petitioner’s motion to limit the scope of an IRS subpoena duces tecum served on petitioner’s prior counsel. To read this article, click here.