Tax Advocacy Tailored To You

Why Choose Moore Tax Law Group, LLC?

The federal government can be powerful and relentless in investigating and prosecuting taxpayers. If you have drawn the attention of the Internal Revenue Service, you can turn to Moore Tax Law Group, LLC, for strong legal advocacy.

Based in Chicago, we represent individuals, business owners and businesses nationwide in federal tax disputes. Our lawyers can intervene to help you proactively resolve tax controversies and bring you into compliance. We can vigorously defend you in civil and criminal tax proceedings.

We Concentrate In Tax Law

Our attorneys have decades of focused practice in tax law and tax litigation. They have written extensively and lectured nationally on taxation. Moore Tax Law Group, LLC, handles every category of individual and corporate tax controversy, from income and employment taxes to offshore compliance. Our in-depth knowledge and courtroom experience enable us to provide tailored solutions for your tax law challenges.

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We Communicate Effectively

We give honest feedback and guidance in a way that you can understand without ever causing you to question whether we are on your side. We don’t simply give you a list of pros and cons; we help you choose the right path forward. We explain what we are doing and why, keep you informed of deadlines and tailor our methods of communicating with you to meet your preferences. We also work well as part of a team with other advisers that you may already have and can scale our role on your team up or down depending on your needs.

We Work Efficiently

We have worked closely together for so long that we know which one of our team members is most well-suited to any given task and how to divide the workload in a way that eliminates duplication of effort while maximizing results. We also have systems in place that allow us to manage information and tasks electronically so any member of our team can easily see where a project stands, what needs to be done next and who is responsible for taking that next step.

We Stand Ready To Help

We invite you to arrange a consultation to discover how we can help, no matter how difficult your situation seems. Call our Chicago firm at 312-549-9990 or contact us online. We serve clients throughout the United States.